Content: understand and help your mobile Phone Number List visitors Nice. Your site is now technically (quite) "mobile friendly." As mentioned in part 1 , responsive web design is an excellent technical condition for this. But don't think that this web technique will help you complete Phone Number List your overall mobile strategy. The next step is content. content. Of course, there is a good chance that you will use a mix of content types on your mobile-friendly site: text, images, video, slide shows, Phone Number List audio, tools. Not necessarily much different than desktop web design. But what makes content attractive and interesting for your mobile visitors in the first place?

As part of your mobile strategy, pay Phone Number List attention to the following: Define buyer personas for more relevance You can be sure of one thing: mobile visitors to your site expect relevance and personalization. If not, you will quickly click to your competitor. How do Phone Number List you ensure that your target group recognizes themselves in your content? Map out what moves, engages, detains, motivates, frightens and delights people in your target group(s). Create actionable personas that make it possible to connect concrete content brackets throughout the entire sales funnel. In this way, supply and Phone Number List demand will come together in a more relevant way through useful content.

Also read: Higher in the search results: 3 angles Phone Number List you don't know yet Note: target group research has many variations. This can be very extensive, but possibly also small-scale, for example via an online survey or by telephone interviewing a limited selection Phone Number List of customers or prospects. As long as you find out valuable information about touchpoints with your target groups, and then translate that into your content strategy . Analyze behavior of your mobile visitors Phone Number List Research the behavior of smartphone users during their visits to your website.